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Victorian Lace Waist Trainer 3 Hook- Limited Edition

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Now you can safely and comfortably join in on the results women have been raving about for centuries! This beautiful Victorian lace trainer instantly gives you a feminine hourglass figure. The long-torso cut is perfect for wearing at the gym because it increases core thermal activity, promotes more sweating, and gives you back support to make the most out of every workout.

This Colombian-made waist trainer features quality details that give you real results. 3 rows of hook-and-eye closures allow you to get a tighter squeeze as the inches melt off your waist. The fun Victorian print is on a premium latex fabric that gives you the best in waist training power. FlexiBoning rods stitched into the garment add flexible structure and durability. And, it’s lined with soft cotton to keep you comfortable all day.

The Angel Curves Difference:

  • Premium Colombian waist trainers for authentic results
  • Latex exterior and a breathable cotton lining for maximum waist training and all-day comfort
  • 3 Hook-and-Eye rows, so you can continue to train as your waist gets smaller
  • Long-torso cut perfect for the gym and taller women
  • Promotes core thermal activity, helps you sweat out toxins, and supports your back to make the most out of your workout routine

Women have loved the cinching power of waist trainers for centuries, but only the modern woman gets to enjoy all-day comfort and stunning results. Get an instant hourglass figure, and watch as the inches melt off your waist over time. Simply wear it 6-8 hours every day for 4 weeks, and you could lose up to 4-inches off your waist, for good!


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